Grouping is not something the boss

Although sticking together for warmth can give you a sense of security, it will also make you develop an overly dependent and indecisive personality. When you are used to sticking together with your colleagues for warmth, you will unconsciously want to find your colleagues to solve problems together whenever you have work to do. After all, having someone to. accompany you will reduce the pressure. Moreover. when you need to make.  A decision  you will also want to find your colleagues to help you think together, or even make decisions for you. After a long time, you will become a person without opinions and confidence in yourself.


Reduce efficiency

Although working in a group can help Peru Phone Number List you collaborate with each other and overcome difficulties together, do you think you have more individual tasks or team tasks when working in a company? If you are used to working in a group, what do you do when you face work alone? Do you want to make an appointment with everyone to complete the work together? That is obviously unrealistic. Once there is no help from others, you will face many problems and pressure when completing tasks alone.

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The people who form a group with


Don’t think that your so-called group warming behavior can last forever. After all, the people you are grouping with are your colleagues and competitors. Today you can work together, but tomorrow you may have to compete with each other for the few opportunities. When the time comes, “two tigers fighting, one will be injured”, and your small group will also become precarious. At that time, will you endure the embarrassment and Cambodia Phone Number List continue to group with him/her, or give each other some space and live your own lives?


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