Gossip and rumors from company

alking about salary is very sensitive. After all, everyone’s salary varies based on personal experience, ability, interview performance and other aspects, so the same work experience and age or the same position does not mean that your salary is equal. If colleagues really talk about it, the one who gets more will not be affected, but the one who gets less will complain and feel bad, which may lead to unnecessary disputes and comparisons. Therefore, many times company policies state that colleagues cannot share salary-related matters.

Starting salary and bonus


Many companies have bonuses that vary Egypt Phone Number List depending on department or individual performance, and of course, the individual’s annual starting salary range. This is similar to the salary item, which can cause internal unrest and damage friendships. “Why do I have so much work but such a low starting salary? Why does that person who doesn’t contribute much get more than me?” I believe you often hear similar complaints around you, right? Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary negative emotions, it is better not to talk too much.

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 Don discuss private matters too much

It is better to avoid talking too much about private life in the office, especially about love life. As the saying goes, “walls have ears”. You never know when someone will happen to pass by and hear your conversation. Then, it will spread from one person to ten people, and from ten to a hundred people. In a few days, you will become a “big celebrity” in the company. There are no whispers in the office. This is true. Do not disclose too much Brazil Phone Number List about your personal privacy and family life, so as not to become the topic of gossip for others, or to be caught by others’ weaknesses and become a reason for others to attack you.

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