Did WhatsApp Remove Last Seen

WhatsApp is a widely use messaging platform that provides various features for its users. One of these features is the “Last Seen” status, which indicates the last time a user was active on WhatsApp. There have been changes to the Last Seen feature over time, and this article aims to address whether WhatsApp has remove the Last Seen feature.

Changes to Last Seen Visibility:

WhatsApp has made updates to the visibility and control of the Last Seen feature to enhance user privacy. Previously, users could choose Australia WhatsApp Numbers List to show their Last Seen status to everyone, only their contacts, or nobody. However, WhatsApp has introduce additional options to give users more control over who can see their Last Seen status.

Current Last Seen Options:

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As of the last available information, WhatsApp offers three Last Seen visibility options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” and “Nobody.” By default, the “My Contacts” option is selecte. This means that only users who are saved in your phone’s contacts will be able to see your Last Seen status. Choosing the “Everyone” option allows all WhatsApp users to see your Last Seen status, while the “Nobody” option hides your Last Seen status from everyone.

Privacy Considerations:

The ability to control the visibility of the Phone Number QA Last Seen status provides users with greater privacy and control over their online presence. It allows users to decide who can view their activity status on WhatsApp, reducing the potential for unwanted intrusions or constant monitoring by others.

Respecting User Privacy:

WhatsApp’s focus on user privacy is evident in its implementation of end-to-end encryption and the provision of various privacy settings.  While the Last Seen feature has evolv, it remains a part of WhatsApp, enabling users to choose how and to whom their activity status is visible.


WhatsApp has not completely remove the Last Seen feature, but it has introduce additional privacy options to give users more control over their Last Seen visibility. Users can choose to show their Last Seen status to everyone, only their contacts, or nobody. This empowers users to manage their privacy and decide who can view their activity status on WhatsApp. WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy while providing a rich messaging experience.

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