4 email templates for apology/apology to customers

In the foreign trade industry, it is inevitable that all kinds of mistakes or problems will happen, but when things happen, no matter how well-trained you or your team are, it may still cause inconvenience to customers. In these cases, sending an apology email to the affected customers is necessary to establish or maintain a trusting relationship.

It’s human nature to want to defend yourself and convince others that what you did was just a one-time mistake and not Chinese Overseas Africa Number Data something that happens all the time. That’s why we see a lot of half-hearted apologies, which frustrates people.

Therefore, to help you write a high-quality apology letter to your customers, we have carefully prepared 4 apology email templates. In addition, you can also find tips on how to write an apology letter to customers so that you can modify the templates or write your own email.

How to write an apology letter to a customer


You need to know these 8 apology letter tips first:

  1. Be proactive
    As opposed to a complaint email, an apology can be proactive. Imagine this: a customer received a faulty product, and while the customer didn’t complain, they may have simply decided not to buy from you again. Then, you need to send them an apology letter that resonates.
  2. Admit your mistake
  3. If you have decided to apologize, there is no reason to defend your company or make excuses. Simply acknowledge that your team made a mistake and explain what happened. Don’t underestimate the cost of a mistake.
  4. Admit your mistake directly
    Anything after I’m sorry or We’re sorry Brazil Phone Number List can negate your apology. For example, I’m sorry you feel this way can be interpreted as putting the blame on the other person; I’m sorry if I made a mistake can sound like you haven’t really acknowledged that you made a mistake. The most important thing is that you apologize sincerely.
  5. Avoid being authoritative or aggressive
    You may feel aggrieved and upset when someone rejects your apology, but that’s their prerogative. Avoid phrases like “Please accept my apology” or “Be advised that our company doesn’t do this often.” Just apologize sincerely and let the customer decide what to think or how to respond.
  6. Inject some self-deprecating humor (if the mistake wasn’t too sensitive)
    Sometimes the mistake your team made (or the inconvenience it caused to your customers) wasn’t too serious. In that case, it’s okay to write a funny and lighthearted apology email.
  7. Take action to rebuild the broken trust
    This is an important aspect of your apology letter to your customer. It shows that you are not just talking. Action plans, financial compensation, discounts are all good ideas when possible.
  8. Have the right person send the email
    Who should send the apology depends on the severity of the mistake. For a serious mistake, the email should be signed by a senior executive or at least the team leader. For less serious mistakes, it can be sent by a team member or by sending a group apology email to a company public email address (such as [email protected]).
  9. Be humble
    Even if you follow the tips above, your attitude may affect the tone of your apology email. Therefore, always try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand how they feel, or have someone else review what you write. Empathy is essential to humility.

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